About Egbeka Abdul Bakari

Professor Egbeka Abdul Bakari is offspring of a spiritual family in Benin that have been practicing Voodoo and spiritual science since before the 14th century. My ancestors was the power holding strong the empire of Benin from the rain of King Ewuare the great who ruled the empire from 1440 to 1473 and we still manage the powers till this day.

I was crowned the successor of the great Egbeka in 2009 and the powers of my ancestors were bestowed upon me to heal the nation and any persons that may require any form of spiritual help. I am not just a herbalist or a traditional healer equally a widely acclaimed Psychic, Medium and Spiritual healer. I am well invested in the art of extrasensory perception to identify information hidden from the normal human senses

The world and its rapid evolvement with modern times, norms and challenges have made me to consider other spiritual practices as well as methodologies to assist in different kinds of difficult and ambiguous crisis people are facing today. I did not only walk in the shadow of my father, but I have equally gone ahead to practice spirituality from different backgrounds and cultures. As a product of my global spiritual tours through Brazilian Voodoo, Hindu mysticism and the most powerful of African black magic, I currently possess even more ability to assist people with a diverse array of problems.

Before the age of technology that we live in today, was the age of spiritual science from not too long after the beginning of times, and few people still practice the original spiritual science pattern and that till the end of time. As much as a lot of people believe in the existence of extra ordinary powers, it is quite unfortunate that not many people have ever come in contact with genuine spiritual influence as much as they desperately seek for it. There just happens to be a lot of misguidance in this particular aspect of modern society.

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What I can do

Protection from all kind of spiritual attacks
Work of the devil is manipulating people today in different kind of ways which include making people to think of evil for other people. Someone can jealous you and attack you with witchcraft maybe for just a little or even no reason. Such attack can make you get a difficult kind of illness that will be very difficult for a normal hospital treatment. Every medication person take be it traditional or medical, wound cure the attacked person.

Sometime a spiritual attack will not make you ill physically but it will psychologically affect someone’s life in a negative way. Example is you can see a very smart person growing up from childhood but all of a sudden the person turns to becoming a bad or useless person that nobody around them would have expected.
Prevent ancestral sins from disturb you, and hindering you or your family’s progress
What our four parent did have an impact to the life we life likewise what we do have an impact to the lives of our children and their children as well.
Wash away bad luck and open for out a clear path to success and accomplishment
There are several things that can cause someone to have bad luck. The reasons are too plenty ranging from people you meet, people you have spoken to in your life, people who are just jealous of you, ancestral sins or even what we have done by our self.
Psychiatric problems
We can cure a mad person. We have a camp in west Africa where mad people are been cured and we soon anticipate to get one camp in South Africa to cure mad people.
Cleansing rituals
As Africans, we all know that bad luck is usually associated to spiritual dirtiness.
Extend the life you live and make u get a new life
Are you having a difficult illness that is incurable? The doctors made you to understand that you’re soon going to die? Or maybe you know the date you’ll die and you don’t want to die now.
Provision for genuine happiness in life by making you achieve all your heart’s desires
We have different kinds of spells you can use to get real happiness. We also use other methods like the tarot to assist someone in getting happiness and achieving greater things in life.
Increase your consciousness and make you more productive
Allow us break the chain that is been holding you down. Increase your level positive vibration that will help you make the right decision every little thing that you have to make a decision in your life
Love and Prosperity
My very powerful love spell can make you get Mr Right or Miss Right in a very short period of time. We have a lot of people who have benefited from my love spell.
Money, Wealth and Fame
Open your locked doors
Tell you everything you want/need to know
Attract a Lover (someone new or old in your life)
Addiction problems
Assistance with favor in Court Cases
Infertility problems
Male and female Sexual problems
Success in your business
Teaching occultist and divinity practices


My name is Senamile and I stay in Durban. I am proud to say what professor Bakari did to me. I went to school, had my Matric and continued to the university of KZN and obtained a Diploma but couldn’t get a job after 5years of having my diploma. I was very lucky to meet with the professor on my way from the shop. He stopped my husband and I then told us things about our personal life.  It was very difficult to believe him we collected his card and left. My husband encouraged me and we went to the professor for help.  I thought he’ll be expensive but I was surprised that the professor promised that I will be employed within two weeks’ time and that was just what happened. Now I have a good job with the department of transport and my life has changed completely. I thank the professor for all he did and I also wish that he continues to assist people like he did to us.

Professor Egbeka can assist you. Go to him as see for yourself he does wonders. Mr. Mpho

My names are Tshego Lydia and I have had a very positive experience with Dr. Bakari lately. I had a serious fertility problem for most of 8years in marriage, and within two weeks of consulting with Dr.,I conceived. I now have a beautiful baby girl who’s leaving crèche this year.I appreciate his expertise and mode of operations very much as he is quite straightforward and possesses a great deal of wisdom. Thank you Doctor Bakari,and I can confidently refer you to anyone that may be facing similar issues in their lives; there is a solution in this man.

My Method of Providing Solutions



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